FR: PopupMenu::Options make number of columns adjustable

Right now you can only set a maximum number of columns, and columns only get created if the vertical space is exhausted.

We would like to set a fixed number of items that make up one column, or set a fixed number of columns, to create a much better user experience.

This works particular well if you have not too many similar choices.

Here is an example from Nexus2:


The same can be applied to filter-types (lp6, lp12, lp24, hp6, hp12, hp24 etc.).

It also nicely shows the relationships between the different values.

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After-weekend bump.

Can I please get a reply? Anything at all? @jules @fabian @ed95 @t0m

I’ve added something to do that - should be on develop soon…

Just an idea: the most flexible solution would be to add a function similar to addSeparator = addColumnBreak.

Well, if I was going to design it again from scratch then using FlexBox would be ideal. In this case though it was very easy to add a minimum num columns.

I think flexbox would be overkill, as you possibly only need 3-4 columns max. Anything more would mean that there are too many choice and a different input method should maybe be used altogether :wink:

Just downloaded the latest develop and it works like a charm. Thank you.

Only complaint: there is no visual divider between the columns. See my screenshot at the beginning of this post for reference.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, you can do that with your own L+F, if that’s what you’re going for.

I don’t really see how. How can I detect in “drawPopupMenuItem” that this item is part of a multi-column menu? Or that it’s not the last column, so it doesn’t have to draw a line on the right hand side?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious here?

Hmm, I guess there’s not enough info in the callback to know that.

Actually, given that you’re forcing a known number of columns, it might be better to draw the lines in the drawPopupMenuBackground call instead, where you know the overall size so it’s easy to figure out.

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Yes, but I’m not always forcing multiple columns. Since the drawPopupMenuBackground doesn’t get any additional information either (only width and height), I can’t dynamically detect how many columns are used. I would need to create one custom LookAndFeel class for each number of columns…