FR: Auto-Set Deployment Target to 10.8 for AUv3

The feature request is getting Projucer to set deployment target to 10.8 for AU3 Xcode projects in case a lower one is set for the rest (i.e.- 10.6 for AU/VST). Thanks.

I think we added a warning in the code itself to tell you when that happens, but TBH I’d rather leave this up to the user to do rather than changing it automatically.

Yes. If you try to build AUv3 with deployment target < 10.8, you should get a compiler error in Xcode that tells you exactly what went wrong.

Thanks for the fast replies. Yes, there is a compiler error indeed. I’d find more convenient for the coder to set 10.8 automatically with AUv3 for plug-ins able to run below and avoid having to change the Deployment Target every time the project gets saved.

You don’t need to change it every time! Just change it yourself in the Projucer.

I think he mentions the fact of building AU2 and VST with 10.7 while still having the AU3 enabled in the Projucer. I already raised this before.

Yep, exactly what kraken said :slight_smile:

Well yes, I agree that’d be awesome. Unfortunately, as I already explained before, that wouldn’t work, because you can’t build the same binary with different deployment targets at the same time. And most of the plug-in is the same binary that is getting statically linked into the different plug-in wrappers. So the deployment target setting has to be the same for the whole project.

I guess it’s possible to build a system where you could set deployment target per plug-in format, and then the shared code part would be intelligently re-compiled as needed, but that’d be quite complex to do unfortunately… maybe it will happen one day if we have a bigger team :wink:

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Understood, thanks!