[Fixed] Projucer 4.2.0 - 14/Apr Xcode issues

OS X Deployment Target is not applied to the saved project. It’s always set to latest instead.

No… That’s definitely not true for any of the projects I use on a daily basis!

Not here. Check it out on the video below:

10.6 is selected but 10.11 still remains.

Are you trying to use AUv3? That’s only available in 10.11

@george Yeah this is because in your video, you are looking at the build settings for the “All” target. This is the wrong place to look for the build settings, as this target does not actually contain any code, it just tells all the other targets to build. So its own deployment target is irrelevant. (none of its build settings are actually set by the Projucer).

If you look at the build settings of your actual targets (VST, AU etc.) you will see that the deployment target is set to the correct one.

That’s right! Thanks for pointing up and sorry for wasting your time. Cheers.