Saving Xcode 9.3 Projects With Projucer 5.4.3

I’m having an issue with the newest Projucer (built off of juce/master) and Xcode 9.3. I specified a macOS Deployment Target of 10.7 in the Projucer but whenever I “Save & Open In IDE…” I see a deployment target of macOS 10.13

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Actually getting this on my Projucer 5.3.1 copy too, but it only started today AFAIK.

Must be some sort of issue with Xcode, anyone run into this before?

Is this happening with a fresh project?

just curious, why aren’t you using 9.4.1 or even xcode 10.x? I haven’t had any problems with xcode 10.x, personally.

Hey Ed,

Just tried out a new project (GUI App) and it seems to be the case. I specified macOS 10.7 in both Debug and Release in Projucer:

If you click on the target on the left instead of the project, what does the macOS Deployment Target setting say? We set the target setting in the Projucer as this will take precedence over the project setting.

Ah, I see 10.7! :sweat_smile: That makes a lot more sense, I thought it was being set as part of the project settings only. Thanks for the help!

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it says in that stackoverflow post: Edit: It appears that later Mac OS and Xcode updates have fixed the problems.

If it ain’t broke :wink: anyway it would not be a good idea for me to start changing things with what we’re working on right now, that’s why I hold off on updates

fair enough. 9.4.1 is pretty rad, though.