Problems setting OSX deployment terget in Projucer

Hi, I have a project (static lib) that builds fine on default and also builds fine if I change the deployment target to be 10.8 inside XCode.

However, if I change the target to be 10.8 in Projucer and then re-open the project I get the following:

Looking in the project settings in XCode, the target remains set at “default”, so maybe this option isn’t doing what I think it should be?


The OSC classes are one of the newer bits of the library that relies on C++11 features, so might not be compatible with older compilation targets.

Hi, thx Jules, but doesn’t seem to be the issue. If I manually set 10.8 in XCode everything builds fine, it’s only when I set the option in Projucer that there’s an issue. The two should be equivalent?

oh, maybe you just also need to set the correct C++ standard library.

ah, ok, thanks - that got it - yes, have to set it manually when going to 10.8.

One last Q, even though setting 10.8 in Projucer, when I look at the setting in XCode, I see:

Would I expect to see 10.8 here?


Xcode chooses the “default” standard-lib depending on the deployment target

May its because of this bug?

Hi, in this case I haven’t upgraded to the recommended settings, but that’s interesting to know… thx

Even if you click on “cancel” the view will be broken,
the only way to repair it, is to remove all user-dependent xcode settings (clear the build directoy and project files), and regenerate the project file via projucer

ok, thx for the info - will give that a go