FR: iOS custom file type open handler


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It would be great, if JUCE would include the ability to handle opening of custom file types from another app on iOS. Here’s a setup guide.

Attached is a slapped together patch that achieves that - kindly provided under the WTFPL.

iOS-custom-file-tyoe-handler.cpp (3.4 KB)



FR: native iOS 11 FileChooser positioned off center

Hi, you can use the custom plist entry in Projucer for this.

e.g, the following allows prs extensions to be used:




Yes, I know. But if a user clicks a file in the iOS file browser (I don’t mean the JUCE native file chooser, but the separate app), there’s currently no way find get access to this file in JUCE (AFAIK).

This patch is useful if you get a file via e-mail and want to open it in your app via a simple click.



Just a status update, as you mentioned this thread from another conversation: Looking at this patch has gone into our backlog, but it’s not particularly high priority so no promises when we’ll get round to it.

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I found this topic when I’m looking for a solution to open file from other apps on iOS.

I really like the suggested solution. Opening file sent from other apps is very fundamental thing on iOS, can you prioritize this?

Note that application:openURL has been deprecated so need to use application:openURL:options:.

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