[FR] ProJucer - Remember Company Name, etc

Is it possible to have the ProJucer remember the Company Name, Website, E-mail and Bundle ID (Co. Name) and our other options like Dev. Team ID, Code Signing ID, , C++ Dialect, C++ Lib., OS X Arch. – basically things that we tend to always use the same settings for when creating a new project.





that would be great ! :slight_smile:

I think even better would be some kind of project inheritance system like Visual Studio’s, where you can set a “default” value for everything in one project file then modify only the fields you need in the child project file.

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This sounds like a a good idea - I’ll add it to the backlog.


a simple workaround is to create a defaultProject.jucer with all your default settings, and something like “DefaultProjectName” as the app/plugin name.
Then when you want to create a new project, you just make a copy of the jucer file, open it in textedit, and find-replace all “DefaultProjectName” instances with your new project name.
It also works to update your paths if you have some specific ones containing the project name, like a ~/BuildOutput/ProjectName/ or something

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Good idea. But don’t forget to randomize the Plugin Code
Otherwise you get problems when scanning your plugins…

Is there any update on this feature request?

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