FR: Set architectures and build configuration per target

To be able to build RTAS and AAX its necessary to set the correct architecture: x86 and x64 appropiately, and build format: Debug, Release (old McDonald have a farm error comes to mind)

I can create build configurations but they dont seem to matter anymore cause everything is reset to debug every time we save

So either we get the ability to set Per Target - Build configurations, or we make them dont overwrite after every ProJucer save process.

We also need to set a per target executable to run, that way we can run any daw an attach to it an debug it easily

All this was so easy before the Targets update, can we get this basic features?


  • Per target build architecture settings and executable to run are necessary.
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What do you mean by it is “reset to debug”? If I create a new Xcode build configuration in the Projucer then everything works fine, i.e. it is not overwritten by the debug configuration.

This is possible with Xcode schemes. Just click on manage schemes and add as many as you like. The projucer will not overwrite them.


This is how my schemes popup menu looks like:

This is how my manage schemes dialog box looks like:

You can also export the schemes and re-use them in other projects. I find this super useful for developing and testing: