Release build target for XCode


Is there a way to make Projucer create 2 targets in an XCode project, one as Debug and one as Release?

edit: what i meant was in fact was an additional scheme for Release

I don’t know if I got you right, but it’s the default behaviour of the Projucer to create a Debug and Release configuration when adding an Xcode exporter:


Are you looking for something different?

It does create two configurations, but just one target, setup for Debug. To build for release, we need to Archive, but the product in the Builds folder is a symbolic link, that gets broken all the time.

That is a fine workflow for applications, but when the project generates a static library I want the actual lib in there, not a link. What I usually do is to have a target for Release, which will place the actual lib at the Builds folder.

( “Build for profiling” or cmd-shift-I will build the release version )

How could I miss that for all these years…

in your defence, they don’t make it obvious - I think most people would understand release rather than profiling

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