Building "release" and "debug" builds on Mac

It is very annoying to try to switch between “Debug” and “Release” builds of software that I am developing when compiling on the Max (Xcoder) platform.

NOTE: On Windows there is a simple drop-box at the top of the VisualStudio IDE that allows me to select which build I want, or I can build both by selecting them in the “Build > Batch Build” dialog. I can not find anything like this on Mac (Xcoder).

Is there a way to have a “Debug” and/or “Release” build generated directly from the “Projucer” app?

The way through the Edit Scheme is annoying indeed, especially since you have to change every target individually.

I tend to build my release versions from the commandline:

xcodebuild -configuration Release -project foobar.xcodeproj

I just use Product->Build For->Profiling.
(Or cmd+shift+I)


I use two schemes, obviously named “Debug” and “Release”, each building the corresponding configuration for the desired target in the project