How to people run release?

Hello, I’m just converting my code to Mac and I noticed there’s isn’t really a scheme for a release build from the Projucer. What do people compile for a public build of there project? And how do you go about stripping the code of symbols.

Are you using Archive?

Thanks for any Mac help here.
Dave H.

In the Xcode exporter in the projucer there are the scheme settings for a debug and a release scheme. You can change the build scheme inside Xcode to produce the release build with all the optimisations

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I didn’t see that option. Many thanks.

I created a little script, that calls:

xcodebuild -configuration Release -project Builds/MacOSX/$PLUGIN_NAME.xcodeproj

pkgbuild --identifier $ --version $VERSION \
    --component $DIST_DIR/$PLUGIN_NAME.component \
    --install-location "$PLUGIN_DIR/Components" $DIST_DIR/$

productbuild --distribution Distribution.xml  \
    --resources . $PLUGIN_NAME-unsigned.pkg

productsign --sign "$SIGNATURE" $PLUGIN_NAME-unsigned.pkg $PLUGIN_NAME-$VERSION.pkg

you have to play around with the folder names to fit your needs…

That was easier than double checking each time, if all targets are switched correctly between Debug and Release