FR: support for audioUnitShortName() to display short AUv3 names in hosts like AUM

Hi there!

I was wondering if we could have support for this:

I know we have getAlternativeDisplayNames() in the AudioProcessor class; perhaps the JUCE SDK can use the StringArray output of that member function and pass the first string that is sufficiently short (6 characters I believe) as output of getAlternativeDisplayNames() for audio units? Or have a separate function in the AudioProcessor?

Hosts like AUM use this function to find a short name (6 characters) to display the app/plugin name and it would be great to have support for that here in JUCE. I believe they need to be all upper case but I’m not 100% sure.

I need something like this for Logic (AU)… since my client’s selected plugin name is being truncated inside Logic Pro.