Anyone knows what’s the purpose of juce_freetype_Fonts.cpp. Can i use this to use FreeType on Windows and macOS? Can’t find any documentation about it!?!

Anyone with the experiences with JUCE and FreeType combination lately. I can see VFLib is not maintained anymore.


It’s for font/glyph handling/generation on Linux and Android.

It’s a FOSS library and works on literally everthing - so you can use the library… Though JUCE doesn’t support it on non-Linux/Android right now.

I have experience on this matter but haven’t any code that can be made public to share. Really I’m just trying to say that it’s entirely possible to combine FreeType with HarfBuzz and ICU and juce::Path to manage text in all ways possible.

It’s been untouched since forever, sadly!

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