BIG thanks to jules and TheVinn and everyone!

BIG thanks to jules and TheVinn and everyone on this forum.
Two years ago, I met juce library, before I met juce, I was never used other GUI Frameworks .
so juce design let me feel very confused, but then I look at the other libraries,
I’ve looked at a lot of libraries such as Qt , wxWidgets, MFC … at the end I back to juce.
I found that the juce design are very, very great. It has almost everything I need
(in addition to VST3, better text render,better Chinese support …)

After learning, I feel like I’m basically know how to use juce.
each upgrade of juce has exactly the features I needed!
Fact, the new combination of Introjucer and jucer makes me feel very good.

As I recently complained,
I am extremely dissatisfied with juce font rendering, but just yesterday I saw “freetype” this thing is really great!

So … I would like to thank all of you, Thank you very much!


Nice, that looks awesome! I’ve been struggling with fonts myself (couldn’t seem to get freetype to work), could you possibly briefly outline the procedure you used for this? Is it cross-platform?

Nice UI ! 8)