First Juce linux package (probably?) - for Arch Linux :)

Hi Jucers,

I made a juce package for Arch Linux, and uploaded it on the AUR:
Details here

Hope it will be useful (better than downloading, compiling, copying to /usr/include etc.). I’ll also make separate packages for jucer et al soon.

I don’t have ubuntu anymore, but perhaps sometime in the near future I’ll make a .deb package too.

Cheers and happy (after)holidays! :smiley:

Cool! Happy winterval to you too!

Well, thanks for the tip. Having found Arch, I like it and am trying it for a project. But when I compile jucedemo (on Ubuntu) and move it across, there’s no fonts! I see ‘Failed to create typeface: B’ in the debug version. Some fonts - Bitstream charter and courier show up in the fontdemo page, but nothing else.

I do seem to have fonts installed. Do I need to change something else? Or recompile for Arch?

[new to linux]



Seems like a problem with freetype. I’d suggest you recompile for Arch as the version of freetype2 arch has might be slightly different from ubuntu. I know that ubuntu has added quite a few patches to xft, fontconfig, freetype and cairo to get improved subpixel rendering.

Hello! Brand new explorer here, hoping to look into using JUCE on Linux.

I have Arch, and I installed JUCE from the AUR package. What I’m wondering is why I can’t seem to find/get to Jucer. Having beaten my head up against the wall trying to make custom GUIs with Cairo, I was hoping I could get Jucer working on Linux. Indeed, it’s a large part of why I want to try JUCE to begin with.

Any chance someone could point me in the right direction? I did a search on Jucer for Linux, and an RPM of it exists on another distro, so I can only assume that it works on Linux.

Thank you for the help!

downloading the code with svn and compiling it by yourself i think is the fastest / easiest approach.

svn co juce
cd juce/build/linux
make CONFIG=Release
cd ../../extras/the\ jucer/build/linux
make CONFIG=Release

then you can find your exe in the build subdirectory

that’s all :slight_smile:

I have Arch, and I installed JUCE from the AUR package. What I’m wondering is why I can’t seem to find/get to Jucer. [/quote]

My juce package in AUR only installs the headers/sources and compiled lib (Release version). No jucer or debug libs. I’m planning to add a couple of more packages to the AUR, a juce-svn, juce-debug and jucer packages. Also thinking of making a dynamic lib version rather than static.

For now, above solution (kraken) works well. If you have installed juce from the AUR package, you already have all the dependencies.