Does anybody compile juce on ubuntu?

I just want to compile juce on ubuntu 10.
When making I got some errors:

…/…/src/native/linux/juce_linux_NativeIncludes.h:67:10: error: #include expects “FILENAME” or
…/…/src/native/linux/juce_linux_Audio.cpp:34: error: ‘handle’ was not declared in this scope
…/…/src/native/linux/juce_linux_Audio.cpp:34: error: expected primary-expression before ‘&’ token
…/…/src/native/linux/juce_linux_Audio.cpp:34: error: ‘rates’ was not declared in this scope

Has anybody compiled juce on this platform?

I’ve never had problems compiling on Ubuntu before, but I’m not using the latest tip. Have you checked out the Linux Juce forum?
You might find some answers there.

yes i did, you need to add the freetype include path from i remember that FILENAME is for freetype includes

Some Juce dependancies under ubuntu linux must be installed before make.
I did this according to the article,
no problem any more!


Well , Once compiled and run Juce 1.52 Tip on Debian Lenny, And following dependency were needed to complete Juce on Debian Lenny


I don’t have list which packages needed to be installed with apt-get, But i rem that those were some “dev” packages and also G++ and freeglut .

Have Fun…