JUCE + Anjuta

First of all i want you to congratulate for the juce app. I think it is a great apport to the comunity.
Since i just recently found out about this and i am really interesting about using. So i started to build a small application using JUCE along with Anjuta. But that’s when the errors come out about the link options. I have been reading but i still don’t find out how to include the juce lib in anjuta in order be able to work and use its methods and functions. Please i would appreciate an easy explanation about this issues. In other words, what are the steps in order to include juce library into anjuta? For example i want to create an easy interface with a button and something else and then being able to program everything using anjuta.
One more thing will i be able to use JUCE if it is installed in the System (*.a)? or should i create a *.so file?
I am using Debian.

I will appreciate your cooperation an any help you could give me out.
Romer Ali Urbina
Venezuela :?

Have you tried just using make to build the demo first of all - just to make sure you’ve got all the libraries etc set up on your system?