Strange Characters in Projucer on Arch Linux


I have a fresh Arch system running and the newest Juce Code and my Projucer looks like this:

Did I forget a package? Or a font? What is the standart font of JUCE on linux?



Is this a Producer you have compiled yourself?

Yes, but It happens on all JUCE Projects I have compiled on this system. (Same compiled files work on Ubuntu so it seems to be an arch specific problem…). Numbers actually seem to work.

Then I guess JUCE isn’t able to find the default system fonts. I don’t have an Arch installation handy, but all the important action happens here:

I am also having this issue. Has a solution been found?

I am not incredibly proficient with linux / arch, but I think I might have found a hint about what’s wrong.
The source code above has a file path on line 33 to /usr/share/fonts/fonts.conf, and this file does not exist on my system. I tried creating it and tried linking to /etc/fonts/fonts.conf as well. Neither worked.

If anyone has worked through this themselves, please share.

Bumping this because 2 years later I am still having the same problem…

Does anyone know which fonts are used by juce and how one can force include them during the build ?