No text in Projecer and Juce examples



I have a problem with all the text in the Juce applications.
In fact the applications (projucer or demo) haven’t any text.
When I run the Demo of Juce I get this error : JUCE Assertion failure in juce_Font.cpp:360

Maybe I don’t have the default font but I tried to install different fonts and it doesn’t work.

Could you help me ?
What is the default Font name used in the Demo application ?

I have Juce v4.3.1 and my Linux sytem is Solus.




Got exactly the same issue. The problem is that on Solus fonts.conf is not located under /etc/fonts like many Linux distros but in /usr/share/fonts.
I guess Juce should check both paths, I opened an issue on GitHub.
In the meantime as a workaround you can copy or make a symbolic link of /usr/share/fonts/fonts.conf into /etc/fonts.


Thanks for the heads-up, we can add that to the search paths!


Thanks for you help msgrand, it’s work :grinning: