Font of all Juce Apps changed on its own

Hi there,
I’m coming up with a very bizarre issue.
Out of the blue the font of all my Juce applications changed at once: the font type may be the same but now everything is bold and italic.

For sure I messed up with a global configuration file that handles the default font for all Juce apps or something similar and I was wondering where this file is stored, or how Juce keeps track the default font.

Additional Info:

  • The font changed without recompiling
  • Projucer GUI font changed too (Monospaced editor font is still ok)
  • I’m using Ubuntu Mate 19.10
  • Juce version 5.4.7
  • I did not change my system font
  • I often change the global path for juce and modules because I’m going back and forth between standard juce and the Elk fork

The image shows the issue:

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I’m having the same issue, Ubuntu 18.04 with a fresh install and juce-6.0.1, trying to find a solution resulted in this post from search results. Did you manage resolve this issue?

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could this be related to: No fonts available on Intel Clear Linux ? Or maybe just none of the juce predefined list of fonts is found on your installation ?

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Hi jpo, yes could be related to # No fonts available on Intel Clear Linux

Ubuntu fonts.config lives in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, within the default fonts.conf are inclusions for font search paths: /usr/share/fonts, /usr/local/share/fonts and ~/.fonts

Possibly these are being ignored, I have no idea.

I did notice that some if not all JUCE based VST’s in my DAW exhibit the same issues.