Building juce on arch linux

is there an easy way to build all of juce (all the components etc) on (arch) linux?

I’m not sure what you mean. Juce is a source code library so you simply include the .cpp files in your project. You can’t really build “just” Juce - you need to build a some project that uses juce.

One project that uses almost all of the Juce source code is the Juce demo. It’s in JUCE/examples/Demo and the makefile for it is in Builds/LinuxMakefile.

To run the Demo – Open a Terminal at ~/JUCE/examples/Demo/Builds/Linux and type ‘make’, without the syntax. You will see a new folder appear and the Demo starts compiling. When it’s finished, open the new ‘Build’ folder and you will see JuceDemo. If you are hardcore, open a new Term here and type ./JuceDemo or just click the Icon :slight_smile:

All providing you have your g++ devel pack installed of course.

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You may also need to install some of the dependencies: List of Juce dependencies under linux