Frequent Crash on Windows & other issues (SOLVED)

Hi Jules,

Some feedback for the Introjucer:

A crash that is simple to reproduce:

  • Open an empty component, add a jucer component (already created apart), save component
  • Click on edit jucer subcomponent> a new window opens to edit the subcomponent.
  • Modify in any way this subcomponent and save it
  • Close the subcomponent.
  • The introjucer shows again the parent component but crashes after a few seconds.

Another thing that I find particularly annoying from the Introjucer is that when you edit a Component and set those clases it is supposed to be inheriting from, if you omit Component, it will be added automatically. This is annoying because sometimes (e.g. in plugins) you want to inherit directly from an AudioProcessordEditor or another parent class which already includes Component, creating thus a conflict.

Finally, it would be great to have a few hints somewhere on how to add new custom widgets to the Component editor. It would be really handy!

Hope it helps. Thanks much for the work!

Regarding the inheritance problems, I would suggest to change component inheritance to virtual by default;
this way, inheriting multiple times from the same component will cleanly resolve to inheriting from the same
base class only once.

Ok, the crash should be sorted out now.

Re: inheritance, I tried setting the parent class to some random name, and it worked just fine, it didn't add Component or anything.. (?)

I think I've sorted out the inheritance thing now, but couldn't reproduce the crash. Maybe something else fixed it indirectly, or there's something particular about the files you're using?

Sorry, can't replicate it! Can you get a stack trace or something else to go on?

Oh, I misunderstood. You were opening files by double-clicking them in explorer, whereas I was just dragging them in.

What you were seeing was actually just an assertion, but try it again now and it should be ok.