Old jucer new bug

Don’t know if we should still post bug reports on the old jucer, i’m still using it so new things pop out now and then, will you be using the same codebase for component editing/class generation ? if so there are some bugs in that code and i was wondering if you still care :slight_smile:

I’m not going to spend much time on it, but if you see anything where a trivial fix is needed, I could do that.

Two things

  • i already posted this if you set a default value for a constructor parameter it all gets defined in the implementation, that causes an error
  • if a component has a parent class that is a Component subclass, adding a Component parent class causes an error (component is already a subclass of Component)
  • if a parent class has a template definition like public LassoSource<EdoDashboardComponent*> the “*” get’s deleted for some reason