Baseclass Component Initialization


I’ve used the jucer to create my audio plugin user interface, whose base class is AudioProcessorEditor instead of Component. Unfortunately every time I save the jucer file and it regenerates the code, even though the header file is correct - it always calls base class Component’s initializer. This generates a compilation error and I have to manually eliminate that line of code each time I save.

I’ve told the jucer that the parent classes are: public AudioProcessorEditor, public SliderListener, public Timer (and the header file is correct).

Am I missing an option in jucer that allows me to stop the Component initializer from being called?


I can’t remember whether the jucer had anything to cope with that kind of situation… But personally, I’d never use it to build my top-level component anyway, I’d just write the AudioProcessorEditor manually, and put my jucer-generated component(s) inside it.

This is an old thing and it can be removed, i couldn’t pin point what needs to be done exactly to remove the Component base class from the declaration, but i know you need to remove the Name from the Class properties, but sometimes even if the name got removed i still got that Component on the base class list.