Vst editor in ThE jucer


Yeah it adds a

sklepSeqEditor::sklepSeqEditor (sklepSeqMain *owner, xsync *syncThread)
    : Component (T("main VST Edtior")),
      AudioProcessorEditor (owner),
      seqMain (0)

class sklepSeqEditor  : public AudioProcessorEditor,
                        public ChangeListener,
                        public SliderListener,
                        public AsyncUpdater

and the Component (T(…)) part causes the compiler to give an error:

JUCE! Library to link to: jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib
c:\devel\sklepseq\sklepseqeditor.cpp(37) : error C2614: 'sklepSeqEditor' : illegal member initialization: 'Component' is not a base or member

if i add a Component to the definition there is a problem

c:\devel\sklepseq\sklepseqeditor.h(46) : error C2584: 'sklepSeqEditor' : direct base 'Component' is inaccessible; already a base of 'AudioProcessorEditor'

maybe this can be fixed ? or is there a workaround ?


Just make sure that when you build a jucer cpp file, you keep it clean - don’t include any OS headers or other weird stuff at the start of it.


there is no OS headers, the JUCE adds a Component to every cpp file and it can’t be in a VST editor.


oh, I see… Well if you give the component a blank name, then it’ll avoid adding that constructor initialiser.