GUI Editor menu greyed out

Hi all,
i’m a juce newbie.
I’m trying to start with a simple VST plugin.
I created the project with Introjucer ( built with no errors with VS2012 ).
I’m trying to create a simple gain slider.
But all the menu in the GUI editor is greyed out and i can’t add any component.
Am i missing something essential?
many thanks and all the best

The GUI menu only works for explicitly created GUI components which you can add in the files section.
The PluginEditor.cpp isn’t one but now that you mention it, it would be nice if it were.

thanks jules!
so as it is now the Gui Editor only works for apps and not for plugins?
So i have to build my VST Gui with explicit code inside the PluginEditor.cpp ( and declaring stuff in PluginEditor.h) ?
would really nice if the GUI Editor can work for plugins!
any plan on it?

…no, you’ve misunderstood.

The GUI editor can only work on files that were created by the GUI editor. But you can add these to any type of project: plugin, app, whatever.