GUIs for new Audio Plug-in projects


For the life of me i do not understand why, when I click on new Audio Plug-in and Projucer goes off and creates the 4 files plugineditor.h plugineditor.cpp pluginprocessor.h pluginprocessor.cpp, I then can’t right click on plugineditor.cpp and bring up the graphics editor. I have searched through the forum and see others have sought answers on the issue but I didn’t spot an answer that told me. I do know that the right click opens up the options but only allows the creation of yet another two files. That works fine of course i have used it. What has prompted raising the issue again is that I have other examples where a right click on plugineditor.cpp does bring up the GUI editor How did they do that ???


Maybe this functionality is now considered part of the licensed version of ProJucer.
I realized, that it works for projects created before 4.2. Check if you spot the difference in the files (I could convince projucer by copying some magic words from an old cpp file).
But if you use it often, it’s maybe more reasonable to consider buying a license, you get the cool just in time compile stuff etc…

GUI Component Instead of Plugin Editor for Audio Plugin


…oops thanks cocell, so nothing has changed… I should use the GUI designer more often…


Yeah seems to work with and without the license.


Finally I learned the difference between Add New Component class... and Add New GUI Component...