Wrapping the Jucer

I’m trying to get my Jucer component working in the VST wrapper. The wrapper says I’m supposed to derive my component from AudioFilterEditor, presumably using a main window class in between, but trying to derive that class from AudioFilterEditor gets me “ambiguous use of ‘new’ and ‘delete’” errors, because it’s also derived from DocumentWindow (which may or mayn’t be necessary).

Currently, running the thing opens two windows, the Jucer one and Sonar’s generic window that’s supposed to contain the plugin, shut it down properly and bring it to front etc.

Whenever you get the warning “ambiguous use of new/delete” with juce base classes, it’s usually because a base class you are using is declared with the ‘juce_UseDebuggingNewOperator’ macro. The solution is usually a simple case of adding that same macro to your class declaration

class MyClass : public JuceBase
   MyClass ();
   ~MyClass ();






As far as wrapping a jucer component goes, you can always add it as a sub-component of the editor component if you’re having trouble.

Derive your component from AudioFilterEditor, end of story. AudioFilterEditor is already a subclass of component.

No idea why you think DocumentWindows should be involved!