I’m a student in Internship and new for JUCE as well as VST.
My supervisor wrote an interface with VSTGUI and VST2 which is composed of several .dll module I have to move from VSTGUI,VST2 to Juce.

I started to move one .dll to Juce and I can generate this .dll module in Juce project without the component class from Juce.

I have a problem which is that my supervisor used "public AEffGUIEditor " from VSTGUI and I changed by “public Component” from Juce.
Obviously it doesn’t work.

Do you know how can I start or if is it possible to call Juce Component to replace VSTGUI components ?

I saw this post Possiblility to creat JUCE GUI in VST3 project but there is no help concerning VSTGUI.

I need a little boost with simple hint.

I can delete this Topic if I’am not respecting the rules established in this forum.

I hope that you understand what I am trying to do.

Thank you everyone


JUCE and VSTGUI are completely different libraries. I wouldn’t recommend trying to mix the two, use one or the other.
If you want to switch your project form VSTGUI to JUCE I’d recommend just start from scratch again and start from the example projects in JUCE. You should still be able to salvage a lot of your DSP code.

Thank you for your answer davidguda, I follow your advice and it’s working.