Funky Looking App Icon



Hi All,

So my application icon is meant to look like this…
However, comes out looking like this…

Its size is 128x128px and I’ve loaded it in the “Icon (Large)” section of the Xcode exporter settings. So what have I missed?

UPDATE: This also happens when trying to use the JUCE Icon itself.

Thanks in advance,


Looks like you did an FFT on it :slight_smile:

(sorry, no idea really what happens)


Have you try to make a 512 X 512 PNG file like the Juce Icon ?


Nope, but I will try right now…


Unfortunately not, and the same behaviour occurs when loading in the JUCE Icon itself.


I‘ve seen such artifacts before - when creating a JPG with FFMPEG, and viewing it with macOS‘s Preview Application. I assume that your OS incorrectly interprets the file format - what’s your toolchain for creating this icon file?


Well I do it with success like you can see in these captures. Maybe crash your Xcode exporter and do it again ???
(My icon is a PNG 512 in 72 dpi and in the binary)

34 06


I’m loading it into GIMP and then overwriting the PNG once I’m done with tweaking.


Solved! I deleted the build for the XCode project, reran and it was fine.



Have you Try with a blank project ?

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Nice happy for you.

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