Future direction with plugin and control surface

It is very intimidating posting amongst such great minds, but…

I updated and cleaned all my plugin(months of work) and then decided to go the the latest Projucer. This has meant a rewrite, which is fantastic considering how new things work. The parameters linking to the slider, etc.
Are you planning on including control surface info in the parameter system? I am going to add control surface code and it would be a pity to go in one direction, when JUCE goes in another. If the answer is “no”, then I will continue as usual. If the answer is “yes”, how could I make my code go in the sort of direction you guys were planning on going?

There are no immediate plans to include this as part of JUCE, so go ahead and roll your own!

thanks for the reply

what is control surface code? can you expand maybe we can help…

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Hi Carlos,
I am looking at connecting an IOS version of my plugin’s UI to the computer plugin. I assume midi control would be the safest way to communicate between the two. I would not want the user to have to set up the individual controls via the DAW. This implementation is currently on hold, but I will get around to it.
Anyone got an IOS UI version of their plugin talking well to the plugin? Is midi control the only safe way to go?