Get access to AEffect and AudioMasterCallback in VST2 and host context in VST3

In my plugins I need access to the VST2 AEffect pointer as well as the AudioMasterCallback and in VST3 plugins the host context pointer passed to initialize (FUnknown* hostContext). I’ve managed so far by doing some modifications into the Juce code but I am wondering, could there be any chance to get access to these while using the official code base too?

Can’t you do this already with a call to AudioPluginInstance::getPlatformSpecificData (and obviously a bit of legwork)?

There’s no AudioPluginInstance in the code that is built as a plugin…(I am building VST2/3 plugins in this case and I want to have access to some special 3rd party host functions and the host in question does not have anything to do with Juce.)

GOOD point. I don’t think there’s a stored pointer to the internal data, or one exposed to the users (yet?).

The changes I needed to do to Juce are in these files at the source locations the links point to :

Probably not the best design to do this but I just needed to get it done in some way. Maybe the Juce developers can figure out something cleaner… :wink:

Maybe I have misunderstood, but at least you get the VST2 AEffect pointer by calling AudioPluginInstance::getPlatformSpecificData().

You have misunderstood. I am not hosting the plugins, so there’s no AudioPluginInstance.

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Sorry, I didn’t read the rest of the thread where you already answered this. (Well, I read it yesterday.)