Custom audioMaster for VST2 Plugin Format

Using VSTPluginFormat for hosting VST2 plug-ins in my application, I would like to be able to change some of the default plugIn to Host opcodes handling, like hostOpcodeGetManufacturerName, hostOpcodeGetProductName to name a few (actually hostOpcodeGetInputLatency and hostOpcodeGetOutputLatency would be useful too for some plug-ins too).
Everything is in VSTPluginFormat.cpp so I can’t think of a way or any trick to have a custom handleGeneralCallback() / handleCallback() without changing the JUCE source code. I thought I could do the trick using the JUCE_VST_WRAPPER_INVOKE_MAIN macro but I’m still stuck with the VSTPluginInstance class definition being only available in the cpp file.
Does anyone has an idea ? or would it be possible to have some pimpl for a part of the plug-in to host callback handling, at least to be able to customize the Host Vendor name, Product name & version ?
Fred - Merging Technologies

Well, no news/answer so I worked around that using a fake JUCEApplicationBase definition as described in

Still, I think it would make sense to have some customization freedom for (un-handled) VST opcodes.

Fred - Merging Technologies