Getting final processed audio

Hi, is there an easy point I can override processing so that I can get the final audio produced after a block has been processed, i.e. after all mixing, fx have been applied I want access to a block of audio data.


Do you mean per-Edit or what will be sent to the audio device?

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If you’re using AudioProcessors you should be able to get a buffer handle on read-mode by using the getBusBuffer method, this way you should have access the the block of audio data.

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Hi - what will be sent to the audio device. For my project I need to grab the final output audio and copy it into a shared memory space which will then be picked up by a host application.


You can use DeviceManager::setGlobalOutputAudioProcessor to set your own juce::AudioProcessor which will be called with the resulting audio.


thx @dave96, will check that out!

that worked a treat - thx!