Getting lots of non-constant expression errors

Am building AU/VST plugin code.

in audioeffect.cpp and AUCarbonviewbase i seem to get non-constant expression errors relating to VST and AU library files
which Xcode suggests inserting explicit casts.

Thing is - i shouldn’t have to be changing VST or AU source code - this is with the latest OSX and Xcode etc

any ideas on fixing ?


An example would be helpful…

screenshot enclosed

and this…

That’s in Apple’s code, not mine!

Is this related to the AU interface breaking from 10.6 to 10.7?

something tells me its something like that.

one error is for VST though, not AU.

Is there some compiler setting i can change ? could this be C++11 or C++0x related ?

Also - am i right in thinking that Steinberg have stopped making any changes to the VST 2.4 SDK for ages ?

Don’t get the picture theres a huge move in the market to VST3 even though the VST mailing list seems to be mainly VST 3 posts

part 2…

In the latest iteration i actually removed all my own source code leaving just the JUCE stuff…

heres the screenshot

I did do what jules suggested and added the extras folder inside Xcode and put the Coreaudio stuff there. That got rid of the rez errors, but don’t think its related to this, which seems to be more a compiler

Did you find a resolution to this issue? I am having the same problem at the moment.

only solution i had was to make the corrections suggested by the compiler in the cpp file. Not ideal by any means.

anoyne else got a better idea ? is the re a compiler setting i can change ?

im on mountain lion now using the latest XCode.

What did you end up doing?

putting in the casts suggested by the compiler. requires the latest xcode version. otherwise Xcode crashes etc.

unsatisfactory though since every time one updates xcode one needs to add back the extras/coreaudio files WITH these modifications added.

Anyone know if Apple has released updates of these cpp files ?