Getting started on OSX ... w/o xcode, w/ macports gcc?

Hi all,

I’m new and just looking to invest some time learning juce.

I have a bit of an unusual OSX setup and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I do my development in emacs, using the latest macports gcc to take advantage of the C++11 stuff. I’m trying to avoid xcode since I enjoy using it less as an editor and I don’t think it plays well with the macports gcc (last I heard Apple gcc was stuck at 4.2).

Is it feasible to get juce up and running with this kind of setup? Are there some tutorials on getting juce working on OSX without xcode?

I looked through the forums and so far I’ve found that xcodebuild + might be an option, but xcodebuild I still run into problems with Apple gcc-specific options (e.g. -fpascal-strings -fasm-blocks).

Any suggestions on getting started would be appreciated. Thanks!


Well anything’s possible, but trying to build an OSX app without using the Xcode toolchain would be a total PITA. A pure C++ command-line app, sure, that’d be easy. But to try to build a GUI app without using Xcode… not something I’d recommend.

GCC is going to be dropped by apple in the next xcode releases, i think 4.6 is the last one to support GCC, so only clang/llvm will be a valid compiler for Apple. I wish i could drop XCode too, it’s a resource hog, it’s slow, it’s usability is minimal at best and it’s just a PITA to use. But i found no good alternatives, the only one i could think of is CodeBlocks, but it’s not a good IDE. I’ve spent 2 days trying to get XCode work better, there are loads of options and hidden settings you can tweak to make XCode behave better, using PCH helped me a lot with build times and disabling other stuff made the editor work a bit faster, it’s not really a good editor but it became usable.

Did you find a good solution?

I'm using the gcc toolchain for linux, windows and os/x (and android).  

Now that I'm looking at integrating Juce into my code, I need to compile it on OS/X with gcc ... and I was wondering if someone had successfully done that.