How to compile the example project in XCode 3.2.1

I just wanna share my “getting started with Juce”-experience here. This might help some other newbie and it might also be interesting to know for Jules.

I have OSX 10.6.2 and XCode 3.2.1 (the most recent versions at the moment). I never worked with this XCode install before and I also don’t have a clue about Cocoa programming. Obviously this implies that XCode is in it’s default state.

step 1: Get Juce with git.

step 2: Compile libjuce.a and libjucedebug.a, as described in the “JUCE readme.html”.

step 3: Make a copy of extras/example projects (Just in case I mess up).

step 4: Open extras/example projects/example_project_for_Mac/juce_application.xcodeproj and press the “Build and Run” button. Sadly, this won’t build, errors occure: "#error “Building for OSX 10.3 is no longer supported!”

step 4: in Targets/juce_application/Copy Bundle Resources/juce.xcconfig, comment the line
"MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_ppc = 10.3" out. (Or change it to 10.4)
(This is also mentioned in

step 5: Press “Build and Run”. Compilation (of will take forever (and uses all available 2GB RAM (in Total more than 3GB))… I interrupted after 40 minutes.
(Such a behaviour has been reported by other people too:

step 5: in Targets/juce_application/Copy Bundle Resources/juce.xcconfig, also remove the “ppc” on the first line: “ARCHS = i386 ppc”

step 6: Press “Build and Rund”. This time, the compilation of only needs 30 seconds and everything builds just fine! Have fun!


Remark: By the way, the Juce demo compiled out of the box (I guess because it does not depend on juce.xcconfig).

Sorry - all of this shouldn’t be necessary, but I haven’t updated the old demo project for a very long time! Now that I’ve got the new jucer to help generate projects, I’ll use that to create some nice new projects that should just run “out of the box”…