Building on 10.4 and Xcode (again)

Is anyone out there still able to build on 10.4 in Xcode 2.5 on PPC using the tip? I’m doing a demo at a place which has mainly 10.4 G4s. I’m assuming most of us are on 10.5 now.

Anyway, with a clean download of the tip (r725)
[list]- Juce builds OK in debug/release

  • Juce demo builds and works OK using the amalgamated version
  • Juce demo builds but crashes if I swap the amalgamated for the static lib version.
    I guess the static lib isn’t being built correctly. The crash is in juce_SystemStats.cpp::initialiseJuceNonGUI in the first call to atomicIncrementAndReturn().

Most of my projects don’t use the amalgamated version.

I’ve been using xcode 3 for ages now - can’t you run v3 doesn’t under 10.4?

Yeah I’ve been on Xcode 3 for about 9 months. I thought Xcode 3 needed 10.5.

I think I’ve fixed the problem but I’ll have to do another clean checkout to see which steps are needed to make it work.

I assume the juce.xcconfig is defunct now?

I think the solution is to make sure that 10.4 is set as the SDK at the target level. The ARCHS are set correctly and the deployment target is set to 10.4. I removed the 10.3 deployment target for ppc too (as I don’t need to go back that far). Then do a completely clean build of Juce. I suspect the crash was due to the change in the OSAtomic… stuff.

…ok, after about 24 hours of my poor old 550MHz G4 PowerBook grinding away building/re-building Juce and some apps…

It seems I need to remove the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_ppc setting in Juce and the app (I don’t need 10.3 support, does anyone now?) and ensure MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is set to 10.4 in both too.

Good question about anyone needing 10.3 support. Anyone out there still building for that? Would be nice to get rid of it.

I have an old Mac, a PowerBook G4 with a processor of only 400Mhz and 1GB RAM. I am running 10.4 version on it. My graphic card is also not so good still does its jobs. Do you think it’s a good enough configuration to run this program on it?

To run which program exactly? It’s certainly slow, but there’s no reason you couldn’t develop on it if you’re very patient. I used to have one like that, and it really was incredibly annoying waiting 45 minutes for the juce library to compile…