Getting Started with SOUL

I just started playing with SOUL on the Playground. Is there a way to save your work? I tried the Download button, but I can’t find a corresponding Upload button to recover the “work in progress”. I suppose I can open the .soul file with Notepad and copy/paste. Is there a better way?

I started out that way as well… the better way for me was definitely to switch to the SOUL command line tool. If you run it in play mode you can use your favorite editor locally and test out changes the minute you hit save. Super productive work flow!

A bonus to running it locally is that it makes it much easier to use a source code control system like git to keep track of your changes as you are experimenting.

Just a quick reply for the OP: If you want to save a particular state, then just save the URL and it’ll get you back to that exact state.

But that’s no match for doing things properly with a local dev setup and GIT, of course!

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Thanks. What is your favorite editor? Is there something better than notepad? Should I go back to emacs?

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I didn’t even realize that, that’s awesome… does it save the state server side? Meaning, can I create a patch to demonstrate something for a friend and simply send them the link?

While my heart will always say yes to Emacs, for Soul - Visual Studio Code is an excellent choice. It’s free available on most platforms and has syntax highlight support through a plugin available in the tools folder in the Soul project!

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Yep, absolutely.

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I love this question!

It’s like saying “is there something better than getting poked in the eye with a fork?”. Yes. There is. Pretty much anything else is better :slight_smile:

And yeah, VScode is what I use too. There’s a project in the works to create a language server for it too, so will have code completion etc and better integration.


Thanks again, folks! I was not aware that there was something out there that could be easily adapted to handle a new language. Note that I was brought up on punched cards and FORTRAN. I take it that I should download VS Code (not to be confused with Visual Studio, which I already have) and get the extension from the GIT. I’ll give it a try!

I think I have succeeded!