Getting the number of output channels of the Plugin's host

Hi all,
I hope this is not a repost or very trivial question.
Inside my Plugin I have a ComboBox. I want to have all the output channels of the hosting DAW’s device each as a selectable item inside the ComboBox. I tried using the AudioDeviceManager-class with its getCurrentDeviceTypeObject()-function. But the returned AudioIODevice is always the device selected globally for my machine and not the DAW’s out-device. How can I get the DAW’s out-device-channel information into the Plugin?
Thanks in advance!

I don’t think that’s a supported thing in the standard plugin formats. Why do you want to do something like that anyway?

For sending OSC messages to a spatial renderer. I want the user to be able to set the channel he’ll send his virtual source on. I thought there should be exactly the same number of channels selectable in the ComboBox as there is possible from the device.

Is making your own stand alone application an option? You would be able to control and query the properties the audio and other hardware yourself etc. That is not really something you should be doing inside a plugin in some 3rd party host.

I’m afraid it’s not, since the purpose is to be able to draw automations for the position-parameters and have the plugin send it to the spatial renderer’s server.