GForce Software looking for a Software Developer (C++/DSP/JUCE)

About GForce Software

We’ve been developing virtual instruments since 2003. To date, we’ve specialised in vintage modelling and delivered some of the best sounding virtual instruments out there. We are a small team of relaxed yet very passionate people dedicated to our craft. We pride ourselves on the sonic and musical qualities of our products. Our mission is to inspire composers and producers by providing well crafted instruments and sounds; and to nurture those aspiring to learn and grow during their musical journey.

About the role

We are looking for a C++/DSP Software Developer to develop very special virtual instruments.


  • Develop high quality (sonically and visually) plugins that inspire composers
  • Write top quality C++ code, super efficient, well architectured and well commented
  • Develop authentically sounding yet efficient DSP source code
  • Conduct testing of your own code, code refactoring when needed; conduct peer-review
  • Exchange constructively with beta testers & the product team to build the right products
  • Support your software teammates and keep learning and researching new ideas
  • Create installers for Mac and PC; Conduct product maintenance


  • Audio and Music Tech BSc or equivalent, MSc in Software Engineering
  • You have 2-3 years experience designing audio plugin (ideally with Juce)
  • Fluent in C++, Juce, DSP, software testing, code review and debugging
  • You are passionate about all synthesisers and solving music producer & composers’ challenges
  • Autonomous, you enjoy working alone yet you are a great collaborator
  • You welcome constructive feedback (about yourself & about your products)
  • Self-starter & Passionate – you like to explore new idea and experiment
  • Github, PD or Max, Matlab, Multi-DAW, Python experience is a plus

You don’t have the 2-3 years experience but still a solid C++/DSP experience and you developed some solid audio plugins… feel free to apply


Please click this [LINK] to download the details about the role and how to apply.


The GForce Software team

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