Dear Jules,

I nearly draw any of my text using GlyphArrangement::addCurtailedLineOfText because the text gets displayed inside
a LCD display (sort of) where I create a path using GlyphArrangement::createPath with setUsingNonZeroWinding(false) to get this
inverse font style.

That works quite well as long as the text to display does not contain " & ". This set of characters (space & space) causes
the application to hang. I noticed that with my Filelistcomponent that shows of course the content of my disc.
The crash actually happens when executing GlyphArrangement::createPath! As soon as I remove the two space bars
from the Folder Alias name, then it works fine.

Folder Alias named: “Handbuecher & Informationen” -> hangs
Folder Alias named: “Handbuecher&Informationen” -> works

This folder alias was created by the system, not manually.

I’ve attached a screen print of the debugging window if that helps…

Hope, I could explain it.



…but GlyphArrangement is used in all text drawing - even if you don’t call it directly, the other functions use it internally. So if it fails on a seqeunce containing “space-ampersand-space”, then it’d be impossible to use draw that text anywhere. And I can’t reproduce the problem - can you provide some code that fails?


Here is the code I use in my LookAndFeel class:

void VCLookAndFeel::drawFileListRow(Graphics& g, int width, int height,
                                                          String const &filename,
                                                          bool isDirectory,
                                                          bool isItemSelected,
                                                          int itemIndex,
							  JK_ListBox* const listBox)
	Path p;
	Font myfont;
	GlyphArrangement glyphToDraw;


	float  iconLeft   = 0.75f * height;
	float  iconWidth  = 1.5f * height;
	float  iconHeight = 0.9f * height;

	if (isItemSelected)
		p.addRectangle(0, 0, (float)(width), (float)(height));

	if (isDirectory)
		//create folder icon
		p.addRoundedRectangle(iconLeft, 0.25f * iconHeight, 0.75f * iconWidth, 0.75f * iconHeight, 3.0f);
		p.addRoundedRectangle(iconLeft, 0.15f * iconHeight, 0.5f * iconWidth, 0.75f * iconHeight, 2.0f);
		//create star icon for files
		Point <float> centre(0.4f * iconWidth, 0.5f * iconHeight);
		p.addStar(centre, 5, 0.2f * iconHeight, 0.45f * iconHeight, 0.0f);

	myfont.setHeight(height * 0.8f);
	glyphToDraw.addCurtailedLineOfText(myfont, filename, iconLeft + iconWidth, iconHeight, width * 0.9f, true);




If you can give me a snippet of code I can paste straight into e.g. the juce demo which demonstrates it, then I’ll have a look.


Yes, I can but I think the following info are more important to isolate
the problem. It seems to hang the application if there is an umlaut before
space-ambersand-space in a String.

Did some test with different names for folder, tested with the FileListComponent- that is the result:

File name to draw “Jörg & Paul” -> hangs
File name to draw “Joerg & Paul” -> works
File name to draw “Jörg” -> works

Do you still need the code snippet?


I’m very very busy today. I only have time to debug this if you make it very quick for me to reproduce it.


Here we go:

You can put the code into the ListBox::paintListBoxItem method and comment out
the addFittedText you don’t want to debug.
It is not my final code! I didn’t pay attention to any float conversions and stuff here, just for testing!

        Path p;
	Font myfont;
	GlyphArrangement textToDraw;

	myfont.setHeight(height * 0.8f);

	textToDraw.addFittedText(myfont, String("Jörg & Paul"), 
							 0, 0, width, height,
							 Justification::centredLeft, 1, 0.7f);
	textToDraw.addFittedText(myfont, String("Joerg & Paul"), 
							 0, 0, width, height,
							 Justification::centredLeft, 1, 0.7f);



Before I even try that, you’re creating a unicode string from an 8-bit ascii literal (didn’t it throw an assertion?). What happens if you use L"Jörg & Paul" instead?


You are right but as I said, it is actually used to paint listbox items of the FileListComponent
and it doesn’t even work with File::getFileName() because it returns a String!
If there is a conversion in between from unicode to whatsoever, you should then rename
addCurtailedLineOfText to something else w/o “Text” at the end because g.drawText works
and GlyphArrangement::addCurtailedLineOfText doesn’t!


Well, I tried your code snippet on Windows and Mac and there were no problems…


You won’t believe it, Jules, but updateing to the latest GIT curred this issue.



Sigh… If only people would bother trying the latest version before reporting problems, it’d save me a lot of wasted time.


Yeap, that is what I almost always do except this time but to be perfectly honest,
I didn’t expect, that updating from 1.53.91 to 1.53.93 has such an impact especially if
there is nothing descibed in the change log that point me to a bug fix for this
particular issue and you probably would instantly tell me that there were some changes.

The only difference I can think of is that the last time when I updated
to the latest GIT using Introjucer, I did “add and overwrite existing files” but today,
I replaced the entire juce folder instead. Maybe there went something wrong during
the last udate…

Anyway, it works now (okay, it doesn’t show the affected file name a propper way
as it just replaces the ambersand by a space) but that is also if I use the original
FileListComponent, so it just a minor issue for me…