JUCE Demo - GlyphArrangement Break

Hey Jules,

In the JUCE Demo, when selecting the Misc. Widgets tab in the Widgets demo, the program breaks at line 358 in juce_GlyphArrangement.cpp. Have not the time to familiarize myself with this region of code to look into it, but I thought I’d at least point it out.

void GlyphArrangement::addFittedText (const Font& f,
                                      const String& text,
                                      const float x, const float y,
                                      const float width, const float height,
                                      const Justification& layout,
                                      int maximumLines,
                                      const float minimumHorizontalScale)
    // doesn't make much sense if this is outside a sensible range of 0.5 to 1.0
    jassert (minimumHorizontalScale > 0 && minimumHorizontalScale <= 1.0f); //BREAK IÇI

Whoops, bit of a typo there! Thanks, I’ll get that sorted out shortly.