Possible bug in GlyphArrangement::addJustifiedText

I noticed this problem when I was trying to draw a string with more than one line (i.e A\n B) on a Label component.
It seems, in the inner loop of “while (i < numGlyphs)” the value of “i” is increased by one but latter it is used at “glyphs [i].getCharacter()”.
This is causing a crash on my app, and I have added an extra check to prevant that from happenning.

Honestly, I do not like my solution even though it is working for me.

Just though to share it.
In case that this is not a real bug (sometimes foolish things happen on my system), I appreciated if someone can clue me into what this might really be. :idea:


Ah yes, I have recently tweaked that bit of code, as someone else mentioned it before… Stick with your solution for now, and there’ll be a fix in the next release.