GPL/MIT with JUCE and the Asio SDK on the web


Let me just preface this by saying that I am no expert when it comes to licensing.

I’m currently in the process of creating a web audio framework using C++ addons for node.js much like the WebAudio framework but for real-time audio. It wouldn’t have all the features of WebAudio, but it would be enough to set up some audio loops and do basic processing. After I finish writing the framework, I would like to create a small application using it to showcase its features.
The application would have a JUCE splash screen (and an Asio splash screen if it is needed) when the user tries to use it and it would ask the user if it can use their speakers and microphone.
I am using JUCE for connecting to the user’s audio device and for the DSP and the Asio SDK for dealing with audio devices on Windows to get real-time audio since the WebAudio framework doesn’t.

In the ideal case, I would like to release it under the GPLv3 license without including any Asio SDK code in the project and to open up a Patreon if anyone wants to donate. A binary would have to be compiled using the Asio SDK headers to create the application showcasing the framework, though. I believe the Steinberg Licensing Agreement and the JUCE license permit this, but I am not entirely sure, so I’m writing this and sending Steinberg an email to check on that.

My final question is if this is okay to do under the JUCE license and if anyone knows more about the Steinberg licensing agreement since I’m no legal expert and I’m just looking for some assurance on this matter.

EDIT: I just realized that every module that I’m using, except juce_dsp is licensed with the ISC license. I was wondering, then, if I can switch my project to the MIT license if I decide to write my own DSP in the future. I am sending a follow-up question to Steinberg about this as well. I would like to use the MIT license in that case, because I think it is more popular, so more people probably know about it, but if anyone knows more about this I would be happy to hear what you have to say. :slight_smile: