Graphic Tablet/Wacom Tablet Support


I recently discovered JUCE and I am very interested by the many things you can achieve with it with little code.  My next goal is to do some painting program, but I'm failing to see any Graphic Tablet Support.  I need to be able to fetch back the pressure or tilt of such devices, and also the precise position of the pen at a sub-pixel location.  Is there some support within juice that uses more exotic names than "tablet" or "pressure" so I can't find them ?  Or is there some cross-platfrom C++ tablet support library compatible with JUCE (I only know Qt but it's pointless to use Juce if it's to use the overly verbose but with comparable capacities Qt with it.)

Thank you for any suggestion.  If using a tablet decently with JUCE is not easily possible, I fear I'll give up.

There's no support at the moment, mainly because I don't think anyone has requested it before, but it wouldn't be hard to add. All that'd be needed would be to add some fields to the MouseEvent structure and add a few platform-specific bits of code to pull out the pressure and angle where possible. Would love to promise to add it soon, but probably won't have time for at least a few weeks.

Okay, understood.

I’m looking forward to the addition and I’ll try other features first.

Hello, Jules.

How about tablet support?

As you know, many DAW(sibelius,samplitude,sonar etc...) supports surface pro.

I hope Juce and Traction support pen and touch interface.

It is very convenient and future!!!