Graphics tips

Hi all,

I think it’s not to late to say : Happy New Year !


Hi man, after few months of break in the development of my first application. I restart first by checking the GIT. Wao, a lot of work since. Great.

But many also surprised when I started compiling my project :shock:

I use a lot of similar categories graphics and I am surprised by a number of changes to this subject. First, understand that : this is not a criticism :wink: I just want to know what is your project at this level, because I want to be sure that my correction will be useful by the next release.

The constated changes :
Image : lockPixelDataReadOnly / releasePixelDataReadOnly removed (is see you’ve change to subclasses BitmapData, good idea !)
EdgeTable : all the enum of oversampling quality was removed.
ImageBrush : undeclared identifiant.
GradientBrush : undeclared identifiant.
Graphics : setBrush -> not a member.
Drawable : change on drawAt(), drawWithin() arguments.
DrawablePath : setSolidFill(), setFillBrush() not a member.
Font : creator -> change on Typeface (smart pointer now)
… and 6151 errors ! YES :mrgreen:

Can you explain in few words the changes ?

I promise, next time I will not wait any longer to update the GIT and verify the changes :lol:


Happy new year! I don’t really want to go over all those changes again - most of them are described in the SVN logs and/or on the forum when I did them… You can probably find out a lot of it by searching the forum for things like “brush”.

Ofcourse I understand. But is it just cosmetic or did you improve things? If it can be answered in two words.

Yes, but understand that i’ve 6158 errors (a lot of redondance of same problem ofcourse) to correct and i don’t want to read all the forums topics to find just a quick information.

Maybe if you can link me to one or two posts in the forums, that can be help me.

Thank you for your response as fast as ever!


PS: Sorry for the two same topics, you can remove the other. Don’t undertand why that the topic it’s posted two times.


I can’t just regurgitate all the things I’ve done in the last few months, but almost all the changes just require simple copy/paste fixes in your code. If there’s anything in particular you can’t figure out, I can answer specific questions about it.


No man. It’s OK with this answer. I’m warm to see your changes on my work !

Thank you very much. And look at the 3rd Party forum in the few hours, I will share some code :wink:


I’m sure you’ve work on the subpixel accuracy ! I think it’s time for me to extricate AGG from my project. I’ve just seen the new demo for the moment, but i’m sure I saw the difference on the glyphs rendering :smiley:

Great work man, as always !