Strange lines.. and strange bug


in the Image::lockPixelDataReadWrite() and Image::lockPixelDataReadOnly() methods, there are two lines that I don’t understand,
It was probably forgotten here by mistake :

w = w; h = h;

by the way,
I arrived in lockPixelDataReadWrite because the previous jassertion fires after the following calls :


// context is ok (e.g 0x05bfc8c0)

// ‘this’ is corrupted (e.g 0x000001b2)

after that the stack looks completly corrupted and in
lockPixelDataReadWrite w = 0, so the assertion fires.

don’t know if it’s my fault or juce’s, I’m using juce 1.26

Any clue ?

(It’s not a bug - just a quick way of avoiding compiler warnings about unused variables).

I seem to remember fixing something since 1.26 that could have caused that kind of error, though not 100% certain…

ok thanks, I understand now

I didn’t mean it was a bug, my two questions were not related.

I’ll upgrade to new version soon then.

ok - shout if the new version still has the bug.