Graphics tips

Hi all,

I think it’s not to late to say : Happy New Year !


Hi man, after few months of break in the development of my first application. I restart first by checking the GIT. Wao, a lot of work since. Great.

But many also surprised when I started compiling my project :shock:

I use a lot of similar categories graphics and I am surprised by a number of changes to this subject. First, understand that : this is not a criticism :wink: I just want to know what is your project at this level, because I want to be sure that my correction will be useful by the next release.

The constated changes :
Image : lockPixelDataReadOnly / releasePixelDataReadOnly removed (is see you’ve change to subclasses BitmapData, good idea !)
EdgeTable : all the enum of oversampling quality was removed.
ImageBrush : undeclared identifiant.
GradientBrush : undeclared identifiant.
Graphics : setBrush -> not a member.
Drawable : change on drawAt(), drawWithin() arguments.
DrawablePath : setSolidFill(), setFillBrush() not a member.
Font : creator -> change on Typeface (smart pointer now)
… and 6151 errors ! YES :mrgreen:

Can you explain in few words the changes ?

I promise, next time I will not wait any longer to update the GIT and verify the changes :lol:


Sorry for the duplicate ? Don’t understand why i’ve send that two times.