GUI: 3D & Sprite Sheet



Hello here,

I’m GUI designer, looking for prototype interface in Juce, like the example I did below:

Is there an easy way to load 3D model in JUCE with an external lib?
Should I use 3D models or sprite sheet for GUI. Which of this technics have the best performance?



There’s no 3D model parsing in JUCE, so it would be up to you to either roll up a model loader or use an external library if you wanted that. You could try your hand at integrating the slightly daunting Autodesk FBX SDK into a JUCE project.

There are also sprite sheet like knob tutorials on the forum: see Skinning the Slider / Replacing knob and slider track with PNGs .

Well, I don’t think performance is the main concern here: usability and maintainability are. Managing input events with 3D models is a rather large task that it’s just less headache prone to use what JUCE offers out of the box.